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We are passionate about leadership development, improving skills and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

That’s why we offer a range of workshops and courses, some available for non-members as well as members, which address the specific needs of chief executive and senior leadership roles.

Wednesday 22 January, London

The nature of power may be shifting, but it remains true that people in senior leadership positions still wield significant influence. Whether politicians, business leaders or media editors, this one-day workshop is all about how to reach, engage and persuade those with decision-making powers.

Wednesday 26 February, Leeds

Through storytelling, you can define your organisation’s culture, inspire your teams, enthuse change and even improve the way you give difficult feedback. Our one-day storytelling workshop will help you find an authentic voice, develop a storytelling culture and enthral those who are listening to you.

Wednesday 11 March, London

Ensuring clarity of roles is a key task in the governance development journey. This workshop will go back to basics on the legal duties of charity trustees and company directors, and will build understanding of the practical tasks an effective board should prioritise to meet those requirements.

Tuesday 21 April – Friday 10 July 2020

This series of workshops, online learning modules, coaching and support will expand self-awareness and help participants gain valuable insights into how other people think, feel and respond in the workplace. The programme will give powerful practical skills and a sound base of leadership knowledge that will serve you well in current and future roles.

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