ACEVO ‘sorry to see’ Anna Turley MP Stand Down

Commenting on the resignation this morning of Shadow Minister for Civil Society, Anna Turley MP, ACEVO CEO Asheem Singh said:

“We are sorry to see Anna stand down. She not only understood the sector, but her efforts to include the voices of charities and social enterprises in her work were a welcome endeavour. While facing an artillery barrage of legislation and guidance that threatens to silence civil society, having a Shadow Minister who really did listen was invaluable. In this time of great political change, the Labour party would do well to appoint someone with her vision and empathy to the post.


“Amidst the political manouvering currently being undertaken in Westminster, the work of the charity and social enterprise leaders goes on. The most vulnerable in our society need our support, and the nuances of party politics cannot be allowed to unduly disrupt this. The sector is in need of certainty as to its future political relationships in order to give it the best chance of bringing unity to our divided nation. This is the role which has best been played by civil society in the past, and at the current time, it is needed more than ever – and we urge politicians to do their bit.”

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