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Change the Way you Lead

A coaching programme which will support you in creating and putting in practice your leadership of race equality.

Together with brap we are offering a coaching programme for five ACEVO members that will help guide you, whether you’re not quite sure you have adopted the right approach to race equity and inclusion, are not sure what approach to take, or you are not seeing the results you expected.

Cost: £750

How it works

Five one-hour telephone/Skype sessions that will give you the opportunity to feed in your practice and ‘test’ your approach to inclusion. The sessions will explore your understanding of relevant issues and challenge you to be more ambitious for yourself, your organisation and the people that you serve.

There will be an initial session to explore your application and to reflect on whether this is the right approach for you, followed by a plan of five coaching sessions. You will need to bring yourself to the conversation and select ‘real’ challenges/questions that you wish to examine.

In practical terms, we would seek to establish a series of phone or skype conversations in advance. The aim is to cover all sessions within six months. All of this work is confidential – even after the coaching is finished.


Each one of the five sessions will be specific to one of the interrelated themes below: 

  • History is about recognising that the legacy of the past is much present in current experiences. It’s more than just knowing about Britain’s past, it’s about understanding its systemic legacy in our day-to-day thinking and practice. It’s about the privilege of sustaining cultural superiority.
  • Believability is about the viewpoints that we use to interpret our world. It’s about recognising that we are not set up to accurately understand or interpret discrimination, and as a consequence are challenged in relation to how we should approach it.
  • Resistance is about what happens within us – the resistance we often experience and also about how we might work on freeing ourselves from discriminatory attitudes and beliefs. It’s about the challenge of hierarchy, meritocracy and privilege which can cloud our judgements.
  • Evidence is about what we measure as change and progress in this area, and how this too can often reinforce the status quo. It’s about understanding what impact in this area could look like and how we might get there.
  • Pushback is about implementation of your leadership in this area. How do you address the doubts you might have of yourself and the challenges you may face from others.

How to apply

Please send your name and organisation, job title, and no more than one A4 page about why you want to take part in the coaching programme to by 24 February. After confirming your eligibility as an ACEVO member, details will be passed to brap for an initial conversation. Applicants should be ACEVO members at the time of applying for the programme. brap will make the final decision on which applicants will be taken forward for the programme.